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AandHimaging are a pair of amateur (hobbyist) photographers. Occasionally we (by luck or judgement) end up with photos that we want to share - with friends, family or others. We sometimes end up with a photo that may not be great, but actually means something to us - this usually creates a certain level of frustration that we weren't able to get the shot "right". These, amongst other random photos may appear here!

The "A" part of us is into classic transportation and prety much anything else other than abstract! The "H" part is mostly into macro and wildlife - mostly birds.

We both believe that photography is art and science and therefore highly subjective. As such, we make no excuses for photos that may be seen here that you may not consider "done properly"! Please note that our current PC does have a calibrated screen, but as with many screens, the level of "tweakability" is limited. Please excuse us if it doesn't look quite right on your monitor!

Equipment is mostly Canon. Bodies are currently 5DII, 1DIIN and 7D. We hope to replace the 7D with something which will be slightly more forgiving to some of the older glass that we own when funds permit...